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To keep your data in sync across all the linked devices in your GBCKenya Online Backup account, activate sync on your desktop application. Activating Sync is a onetime activity.

After Sync is activated, your mobile devices and your cloud account are linked permanently. You can then access your files easily and quickly from anywhere. You can also choose to link only specific computers on which you wish to keep files in sync, by enabling and disabling Sync from the desktop application.

To activate Sync on your computer,

  1. Click the Sync tab and click Activate Sync.

  2. Click Proceed to activate Sync.

Note: You can change the default location of the Sync folder by clicking the Modify button.

Once you activate Sync, t
he Sync folder will be created on your computer.

Files added to the Sync folder are synced to your account and to the computer on which Sync is enabled.

Note: If you have already activated sync on your account, click the Sync tab from your desktop application and then click Enable Sync.

Disable Sync

If you want to stop the syncing of data across all the linked devices in your GBCKenya Online Backup account, you can disable Sync.

To disable sync,
Right-click the GBCKenya Online Backup Tray icon and select Sync > Disable Sync. After you disable sync, your files and folders will not be synced with the linked devices.
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